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Monday, 17 March 2014

Stranger Danger

It has been a while and I am very sorry! It is appalling, I know. I started my university course studying English Literature last year and it took up all my time to settle in. Now I am back, having struggled through the tough part of university life and currently reading three course assigned books a week, so be prepared for many reviews! From Stoker's 'Dracula' to Milton's 'Paradise Lost' (and don't forget all my favourite YA novels to look out for). Your eyes may be opened, you may decide to avoid the books, either way hopefully you will enjoy the reviews and learn something new. It's good to be back, you'll hear from me again shortly!

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  1. Well this is embarrassing... I should have posted this after I had finished revision and my exams! I was in a rush to do anything other than University work, at the critical time I needed to revise. But now I am free and using the summer to bring life back to my blog. Post soon!