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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl

am ashamed to say that I had not heard of the Beautiful Creatures series until a few months ago. The upside of my ignorance is that I don’t have to wait for the sequel! I would not have been able to wait for the story to continue, after being so hypnotised by this novel! You know a story is amazing when it keeps you up to the early hours of the morning, when the urge to continue reading beats the fight for sleep. I got completely drawn into this novel and the world that was created, but what captured me most was the relationship and romance between Ethan and Lena.
If, like me, you were unaware of Beautiful Creatures, I will give you a little description (without spoilers). The book is written from the perspective of Ethan Wate, a teenager who dreams of escaping his little hometown and, quite literally, dreams of a girl. So when Lena Duchaness moves to town, his life changes completely.

As I said before, what I love most about this novel is the characters, especially Ethan and Lena. You will fall in love with this couple, as they fall in love with each other. They seem so natural and real, and their moments together are enchanting. They need each other, no matter what happens. I love it! I loved Lena’s character in particular; she is someone who you could be friends with and is her own individual, despite what is going on around her.  

The fantasy element to this novel is brilliant. There are no faults with the writing or the storyline, and I can’t wait to start on the next book in the series (which I am planning to do after I have posted this)!  

If you like: romance, young adult, fiction or magic, you will love this. I think the fact that there are two writers makes the characters more three dimensional and alive than other novels, because you can get two personalities and ideas mixed together. I think the authors have done a brilliant job! This is definitely worth the read!

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